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24/7 access to a private office. Not only that, but this you get the opportunity to collaborate easily with members around you, giving you the best parts of working in a community while still having space to do your own thing. Work in the most effective way for your business.

With a private office, you get a chair, lamp, trash can, and filing cabinet. You also have printing, mail and package services, and five credits to use the conference room.


  • 24/7 Access to your office
  • Professional business environment
  • 80 square  feet
  • Super -fast internet, Business-class printers
  • Mail received by our friendly staff
  • Access to printer, scanner and copier

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Our concept simple but unique. We provide everything an entrepreneur or small business needs under one roof. Where else can you walk with just a business idea and walk out with a marketing strategy, business plan, logo and business address?

Our approach to business services comes from years of working with entrepreneurs and helping them build solid business models that are profitable.

Our ethos is, Make it simple, keep it affordable.

Services include: Marketing, Design, Business/legal advice, Training and Support with finding finance and grants.